our story

Founded in 2017, Paul Rich is the premier source for classic, expertly crafted watches. Combining American thought with European heart, our timepieces are designed for doers, visionaries, and adventurers.


We want to make sure our watches find their way to those seeking to savor the day. With meticulous craftsmanship, cutting-edge materials, and thoughtful design setting them apart from the rest, you will recognize these versatile and bold pieces anywhere. Paul Rich watches are here to help you seize opportunities and rise to challenges.

company values


We always aim high. We know that this drive to succeed is something that we have in common. Paul Rich was born out of passion for creation, for reaching towards the unknown – and we recognize this ambition in you.


Our watches are created with versatility in mind, and the abundance of styles and colors invites experiments. In Paul Rich, we give you the freedom of expression.


Not only are our timepieces visually striking, but they are also carefully thought out and exceptionally crafted with premium materials. Quality of design is our top priority.


We are passionate about what we do, and we find that this quality is reflected by our community. This is what Paul Rich is really about – not simply following the road, but paving your own path to success. You make this sentiment real every day, by putting your best foot forward in your business ventures as well as private life.


What we particularly appreciate about you is how decisive and vocal you are. Since 2017, we’ve managed to cultivate a community of self-assured individuals who know what they want and do not hesitate to reach for it. On a daily basis, we are doing our best to listen to you and make sure your voices are heard, often answering them by introducing new designs and color options geared to cater to your needs.

Quick Facts

We sold 50 thousand watches in 2021 alone

The design process takes 9 months, on average

Our team is made up of 30 experts

Our average rating is 4.8

We are valued by clients from 6 continents over the globe

It takes 20 people to create one watch


We are proud of our past. Every single one of our watches was meticulously designed and constructed, each has a story to tell and a purpose. We like to think we built a strong foundation and that these models are not lost to history, but they influence us to this day.


Hampton model leaned more towards the classic chic, with monochromatic dial and a sleek bracelet that added a sophisticated air to the entire piece. However, it was the streamlined dial, featuring the only additional function in the form of a date display, that really contributed to the watch’s refined look.